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Pee Dee OnLine Consulting!

As an ISP consultant and design specalist, we strive to use our 11 years experience in helping build better and more secure internet connections. We help from planning to system troubleshooting. Let us help you in your next expansion or your new location.


  • IIS setup: build your web site quickly, and easily
  • Secutity: Strong intrusion prevention
  • Radius setup: We can help you choose whats right for you
  • Products: We have access to all major vendors
    • Motorola Canopy: System design and education on installation
    • IP3:Secure access
    • Servers:We can help you setup and configure your back-end
    • Continued Support: We have a toll free support line
    • System design This is what we live for!!!

Internet Access

  • Fast service: High Speed Wireless
  • Max time: No time limits
  • Easy setup: Just a disk to install, 4 questions to answer

High Speed

Wireless High Speed

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